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Raven   The Random Surrealism Generator

Above, if you have any sort of a modern browser, you see a random surrealism, pulled from the random surrealism generator.
Sometimes they're good and amusing. Sometimes they're very poor. Reload the page a few times to see more of a range.

Isn't it splendid? Wouldn't you like one for your webpage? It's quite simple, you don't even have to ask. Simply add the following code to your page:

There are several ways you can configure your copy of the Random Surrealism Generator - try these samples:

While you're here, why not get yourself a free reciprocal link or join the Reciprocal Linking Webring?

A lot of credit for the Random Surrealism Generator should go to Kevan, who supplied most of the words, sentence structures and code hierarchy, as well as digging up the copyright-expired images. The rest of the credit is my own, for Perl, for HTML, for converting the data to a usable format, and for stubbornness.

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