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Raven   RavenBlack

I'm Raven Black. I was born in Scotland, and have lived all over the United Kingdom, in Australia, and currently in the United States. I am a programmer both as a hobby and a profession. I have a passion for games - I enjoy computer games, board games and social games. When I'm not working I'm usually playing or making a game of one kind or another. I also like to analyze a game, looking for loopholes in the rules and closing them before they become an issue (sometimes the rules are code, sometimes they're the actual game's rules, both are fun to fix).

I have been a vegetarian my entire life, and a vegan for the last 18 years. Contrary to what some might expect, I don't secretly eat other things, I don't have to guzzle supplement pills like candy, and I do still enjoy eating delicious food. Consequently, I'm a pretty decent cook.

On a more active note, I've recently taken up geocaching (a cunning compromise to make hiking with my wife more game-like for me). I also enjoy bouldering (indoor technical rock climbing on low walls without ropes) and barebow target archery, when location and climate permit.

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