'Happy people have no stories...' (Stories - Therapy?)

RevelationsAn honest-to-goodness real complete novel that I finished writing and got printed. Oh my. Link goes to a different subdomain.
AltergeistThe beginning of an incomplete story that was originally intended to be short, then looked to be getting long, then froze as I wrote a crap section and decided to leave it 'til later. Inspired by the wonderful solitude of small town 3am streets, and possibly by the phrase "If you were the last man on earth".
Satisfied?The sprog of 'The Black Phase', incomplete full story written as a collaboration with Anna Bauweraerts, who was girlfriend at the time, and is no more. The story froze while we were still together anyway. This story is the same concept put into a short story. The Black Phase would probably have been better.
BarcodeA working title only, as I think it's not much good. The titles and character names tend to all be changed whenever I finish anything. Thank heavens for search-and-replace. Barcode is as close to cyberpunk as I'm likely to write; it's much softer. Perhaps 'cybergoth'. I'm not likely to finish this because I'd rather write Altergeist.
The Simple PathA very short story here, spawned from a seed planted in my mind by The Image and The Likeness by David Wood. It is best if read to you, aloud, for the full fable-like effect. Either that or read in that same tone of voice, in your mind.
CoincidenceA very very short story, written to illustrate the mathematical explanation of unlikely-seeming coincidences, and twisted a bit.
This Man's ArmyAnother very very short story, being more of a concept for possible future development into a real story, which obviously would focus around this particular soldier.
CorporationA nearly-as-short story, which is especially likely to be inspiration for a long story later, but was written to make a point and provoke thought. There are footnotes; I suggest you don't read them on the first pass.
Life's a Bureaucracy and Then You DieA very-short written for UpsideClone. The inspiration is made obvious.
Don't You Just Hate Stupid People?Another very-short written for UpsideClone. Inspired by someone stupid telling me that a group of people who are not stupid, are stupid.
Birds of a FeatherAnother very-short written for UpsideClone, but not submitted because it didn't feel right. Regarding the relative intelligence of animals and humans.
UpsideClonesAnother very-short written for UpsideClone, and, despite the title, not inspired by UpsideClone at all - the title only came to mind after I started to write on the theme.
Hell Is Other PeopleAnother very-short written for UpsideClone. No inspiration, I just felt like writing something, and insanity felt appropriate.
Soul TrapAnother very-short written for UpsideClone. Not one of my best, I think. Requires careful reading to catch the significance what goes on.
Black RainAnother very-short written for UpsideClone. Another one inspired by America and misery. Sigh.
Precognito Ergo SumAnother very-short written for UpsideClone. It's another insane monologue. I'm establishing a bit of a pattern, I fear.
An Arm And A LegYet another very-short written for UpsideClone. And another insane monologue, though perhaps a bit less insane and a bit more textural than the others. Still, very much first-person.

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