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Felix ille tamen corvo quoque rarior albo.
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So far there have been 320178 visits since I moved server some time in 2014.

A list of those things which have changed most recently on RavenBlack's site.
The obligatory links page - this one is really here as a quick advert-bypassing shortcut to dictionaries and searches, but there's some other stuff RavenBlack likes there too - links to other corvide sites and a source of free reciprocal links amongst them.
RavenBlack, or Raven Black. One is my online name, the other is my legal name. Because this page is made up of RavenBlack's things, chances are that you can go through here to any of the other sections. However, the other sections don't all lead here. This is RavenBlack.
Corvidae : Members of the genus 'Corvus'. In particular, ravens, of whom I am a namesake. Within, I partially explain my fascination with the tricksters, or perhaps I don't. Also a fair shimmering of the other main corvidae; crows, rooks and jackdaws. This section mostly consists of pictures of ravens and crows, and a few of other corvidae, such as jackdaws and rooks. There's also some text-based corvid things, and several corvine links.
In RavenBlack's programming section is free software. Some small Windows desktop gadgets, including the popular magnifier and palette spy (both useful for webdesign, it seems, though I wrote them for programming purposes) and some MUSH code, including the fairly impressive RavenBlack Scrabule. (Which isn't a trademark of any game company.) All here is currently freeware, even though some of it looks like shareware.
Rules for a few of RavenBlack's favourite games that don't require anything (except perhaps a pen and paper), and descriptions of and pointers to some other games.
RavenBlack's 'art' section consists of Raven's own original pictures, in various media. The defining factors to put things in this section are that the content is two-dimensional and doesn't feature words. And could be loosely described as art. Painting and pencil sketches predominate. I apologise for the quality of some of the paintings.
The fairly empty sculpture section consists of the results of RavenBlack's three dimensional creative endeavors.
Animation, almost inevitably created on the computer. Some by hand, some rendered. Currently all animation is in animated gif form. Future longer animation may be mpeg encoded. I'm proud of my Stick Figure Death Theatre entry here.
Images RavenBlack has created using only the computer and software, be they drawn in an art package or generated with a 3D renderer. Less on the drawn, since many of those are relegated to the art section. The graphics here are more aptly described as... well... graphics.
Images from digital photography or scans of straight photographs, mostly heavily modified to be described as truly digital images.
RavenBlack's Curriculum Vitae, or Resumé, in case you've come here because of Raven applying for a job with you.
RavenBlack's works of fiction... I think.
RavenBlack's thoughts on many a subject... Random observations, opinions and comments, on life, death, love, hate, science, religion, antimatter, television, words, the speed of light, and anything else Raven might consider shiny. Mostly observations, and leastly opinions.
RavenBlack's Random Things. Personality tests and other online tests, humorous observations and other things that defy easy classification.
The now rarely-updated weblog. Interesting things I find, interesting things I think, and a whole lot of not entirely serious whining and grumbling.

Disclaimer : This isn't mine! I've never seen it before in my life!

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