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With friends like these, who needs more?
Raven   Thoughts about Friends

Friends - an interesting concept. What makes one a friend? To me, it's anyone whose company I enjoy (be it online or otherwise). Anyone whose company I continue to enjoy. People are considered potentially friends when I meet them, and most often cease to be so within about five minutes.

One thing, in my mind, makes a good friend. The ability to hold half a conversation while I hold the other half. Amongst the quickest ways to be judged badly is to let go of your end by making such scintillating responses as "Ah", "Yes" and "No". Nearly as bad is to yank the whole conversation into your own hands. Actually, no, not nearly as bad. But bad enough.

Any mind quick and creative enough to hold half a conversation is almost certainly also an able player-of-games, artist, and/or writer. Certainly, none of my friends are none of these things, and I know many unfriendly people who are none.

I acquire friends by quality rather than quantity. I don't really have the patience to maintain even as many as twenty close friends. Those I do keep tend to be those who also attach little importance to such fripperies as Christmas and Birthday cards.

How would I feel if a friend died? That depends how close a friend. The death of any of the top corvids would upset me quite badly. Of any other friend, I would be upset, for an hour or two, but my twisted logic says "You can't do anything about it now. Get over it." And so I would. Logic doesn't apply to the corvidae, mind, and I think I'd feel a hollow for at least a month. The death of a literal corvid comes second to them, but well before the others.

I love many of my friends. I lust for few. I'm not in love with more than one. (Cross reference : Love and Lust)

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