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A Big Bang, or just a quick six-day botch job...

The beginning of the universe... Mostly accepted as being "The Big Bang", despite sound requiring a medium in which to travel. I suppose "The Big Silence" doesn't have such a ring to it. Of course "The Big Bang" doesn't necessarily exclude or include the existence of a supreme being - but there "has to be" something to have caused it in the first place. It's all well and good to say it just happened out of nowhere, but it makes even less sense than the whole universe already being there, or a supreme being who decides it'd be fun to make a world and a load of things like light and animals over the course of six days, then decides it can't be bothered to tie up the loose ends on the seventh day, and puts its metaphorical feet up instead.

There's two angles from which I like to look at the idea of The Big Bang, which aren't necessarily exclusive of each other. The older, and preferred, is the aesthetic idea of a load of 'nothing' splitting into a load of matter and antimatter. Scientists say that matter and antimatter, if they met, would react explosively. I've also heard it suggested that matter and antimatter would attract, just as positive and negative charges do. I applied my own bit of logic to that, though - look at gravity. Matter and matter attracting, despite not being opposites. If matter and matter attract, surely it's sensible to assume that antimatter would attract antimatter, and the two would repel each other? So if the universe were created by "The Big Split", the two halves would very quickly get as far from each other as they possibly could, and we'd have no chance of ever seeing the other half, since it would have been accelerating ever since it existed. It's nice to imagine that somewhere out in the unreachable distance there's a whole antigalaxy, complete with antistars and maybe even antipeople.

The other somewhat similar idea involves the questionable aether or Zero Point Field, from which all the percieved universe is simply an energy fluctuation. A ripple, so to speak. (Cross reference : Aether)

Still missing is The Big Trigger. Where might the aether itself have come from? What would cause a load of 'nothing' to suddenly split in half? I'm afraid I'm stuck with the same two possibilities that have always been the main considerations. Either "It's always been there" (what with the apparent creation, it would presumably have to have always been there and be in some sort of a continuous loop, like a wheel with no friction) or "A higher being put it there". The latter, of course, still boils down to "It's always been there" in the end, since the higher being would have to have come from somewhere too. The thing at the top has either always been there, or was created by a thing lower down. Something has to have been there in the first place to create the next thing.

It was me. Shh, don't tell anyone.

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